Terrorphoria is a horror genre blog that takes a comedic approach. We like to think of ourselves as the goriest comedy blog on the internet, or maybe just the horror blog with the lamest jokes around. Either way, we embrace all the things that make horror an (often inadvertently) hilarious genre. Case in point, Critters 3.

Terrorphoria was created by Ben Daniels, who has written for sites such as Gaming Target, Evil Avatar and Splitkick. He is an avid consumer of movies, video games, books, and music who is also self-righteous enough to think other people will read his opinions on those things. Narcissistic? Maybe, but you ARE reading this page right now so he might be onto something.

It also features the writing talents of Jeffrey Conolly! Jeff is an author, stand-up comic, and pop-culture critic who has contributed content to many outlets over the years. You can visit his official site here.

If you'd like to get in touch for potential review submissions, unending praise, or even just some classic internet hate mail, contact info is below.

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