Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Evil Within is Comics Now

Confession time. I bought The Evil Within on a sweet discount last Black Friday, and I still haven't taken the plastic off of it. I had (have?) every intention of covering it on the blog, and I read generally positive reviews, but this might make me unwrap it sooner than later.

Our friends at Dread Central are reporting that The Evil Within is getting a comic book prequel.

While I don't normally run out to read comics or graphic novels (Walking Dead aside) I'm a sucker for cross-media add ons. Like that time Dead Space had a creepy animated movie that looked like Aeon Flux. Anybody remember THAT gem?

The thing I like about a well executed prequel is that I COULD hold off on playing the game and just read the book first, to whet my appetite. Or not. So many choices after it drops today!

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