Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nekrogoblikon - 'Heavy Meta' (Music Review)

The Beatles. Michael Jackson. Nekrogoblikon. Icons of popular music. It is with great pleasure that I've been granted the opportunity to review the already award winning new release, Heavy Meta, by the Los Angeles based, supernatural music consortium.

You've no doubt already been swept up in the hysteria of goblin metal that was unleashed back in 2006. Classic records like Goblin Island and Stench, along with the Power EP captured the hearts and minds and guts of the public. To be a fan of Nekrogoblikon is to acknowledge your love of quality art. To question Nekrogoblikon's musical prowess is to be labelled a fool, and ostracized by peers, family, and random strangers at the grocery store.

Heavy Meta represents the apex of goblin metal. It displays the band at a new peak. Unleashing the most face melting riffs, skull crushing drums, and throat shredding vocals in recent recorded history. Also, there are goblins.

Throughout the entire album, the group simultaneously blasts through each track with their trademark sound of shredding guitars, keyboards, and goblins. However, this isn't just metal for the sake of metal. Each song represents an opportunity for the listener to learn something about the world, and maybe even a little bit about themselves. "Atlantis" explains the true origin and history behind the fabled sunken city, finally putting to rest the need for all those faux documentaries on the Discovery Channel. "Full Body Xplosion" is a musical lesson in the physics of bodies fully exploding. There is even a duet with noted self-help guru and keyboard enthusiast Andrew WK.

Perhaps the most important track on the album is the self-titled "Nekrogoblikon" that serves as a sort of mission statement. It's the band telling you "Hey, we're here, we play it loud, and we've inadvertently stumbled upon ancient evil creatures that will eventually destroy the human race."

A new standard in the genre of heavy music on all fronts, Heavy Meta is an album you and your family can enjoy time and time again. Buy it. In fact, buy several copies and hand them out at your next dinner party or other formal social gathering. John Goblikon will thank you.

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