Thursday, April 2, 2015

Crowhurst - 'Self Titled' (Music Review)

I enjoy black metal. That old school sort of black metal that evokes images of a dude's guitar falling into the snow because wolves tore his arms off. I also enjoy noisy, ambient bands like Neurosis and the modern psychedelic sludge of outfits like Kylesa.

The fine gentlemen in Crowhurst shot me an advance copy of their self-titled album, and it's kind of blowing my mind this week.

If I could sum this album up in one sentence, it would be "expertly executed experimental black metal". Other music blogs may have more readers, but they do NOT have our alliteration skills.

The guitars and soundscape textures on this album just wash over you. Sometimes haunting, sometimes oppressive, every track is an intense layer cake of noise. It's like disturbing abstract art in musical form. One minute you get psychedelic tangents, and the next you're being assaulted by a wall of overly distorted guitars. Sometimes projects like this turn into a complete cacophony of garbage, but the guys in Crowhurst know how to execute some restraint in their tracks, and it keeps the songs from devolving into pure noise.

If you have ANY interest in ambient/noise or black metal (I've seen "post-black metal" thrown around but I hate saying "post"-anything) do yourself a huge favor and go check out their Bandcamp page and while you're there, buy this album. There are a bunch of formats available and they feature some totally sweet artwork by Johnny Ryan and Nicole Boitos.

This is easily one of our favorite releases in heavy music of early 2015.

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