Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So you may have noticed a lower volume of posts recently on the blog.

Jeff and I have been having lots of internal conversations, and the ones that don't revolve around poo poo'ing Hollywood's incessant need to rape the Ghostbusters franchise are about how we keep this little horror blog afloat.

2015 is all about change here, and one thing we've realized is that a "structured site" doesn't really jive for us. Therefore, we'll be taking a bit more of a conversational tone and posting structure moving forward. Boy, how ironically corporate did that sound?

We're still going to review things, and be snarky. In fact, we hope to turn the snark factor up a bit. Allowing ourselves to be a little less rigid should hopefully lead to better content that you guys will enjoy reading and commenting on.

To that end, if you're out there reading this, is there anything you'd like to see us focus on more? Drop us an email or a tweet or a comment or something.

Smell ya later!

-Ben and Jeff

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  1. More pictures of Jeff Goldblum throwing up would be a treat.