Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Brutal DOOM v20 - Now with Extra Brutal

Have you ever thought "Man, I'd like to go replay a classic game, only jazzed up with an obscene amount of brutal violence?"

Brutal DOOM has you covered.

While not exactly new (it's been in development since 2010) this new v20 coming out June 5th, 2015 looks absolutely delightful with a bunch of new features including the ability to kick severed limbs and 30 additional maps!

You'll want to scrounge up a copy of one of the original DOOM titles to play it (I humbly suggest DOOM 3: BFG Edition to just get all the games for cheap) and then you can install this insane mod and "prepare to RIP AND TEAR GUTS" as creator SgtMarkIV inspires you to do.

While you wait, enjoy this trailer that will wet your whistle with gore that would make Game of Thrones a little uncomfortable.

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