Monday, March 9, 2015

'Creature Stew' Anthology Highlights Indie Horror Authors

If you're looking for a nice, quick anthology of short horror fiction that can be read on a bus, toilet, or anywhere you need an expedient fright on your Kindle, Creature Stew should fit the bill. It even contains a story about a giant monster catfish!

This press release came across the Terrorphoria inbox, and we've checked out some of the stories contained within. Quality stuff from a number of vetted and up-and-coming writers. Also, it's only 119 pages for you horror fans who "barely have time to read magazines." Did we mention you can read it on the toilet?

From the official press release:

Creature Stew presents short fiction by eighteen outstanding horror authors. Released on January 31, 2015, the e-book is available from Amazon. This terrifying collection of short stories features work from award-winning, veteran horror authors, as well as stories from talented writers making their fiction d├ębut. If you're looking for a fresh dose of rampaging, brain-eating zombies or perhaps a killer catfish, the size of a Honda, that can churn a man into mush, look no further!
Creature Stew includes fiction by C.C. Adams, Kate Bowen, Shenoa Carroll-Bradd, Michael Clark, Dave Dormer, Marc Ferris, Tom Folske, Ken Goldman, Daniel Hale, Robert Hart, Tessa Hatheway, Calypso Kane, Matthew Smallwood, Paul Stansfield, Chad Stroup, D.S. Ullery, Matthew Weber, and E.S. Wynn.
The eighteen included short stories were selected from numerous submissions accepted from the general public in a free, egalitarian process. Published by Papa Bear Press, Creature Stew is currently available in e-book format. Papa Bear Press is an independent publisher and writer's resource based in Bellaire, Texas. As our first commercial venture, Creature Stew reflects our mission to seek out talented new voices, while showcasing quality fiction from today's rising stars in popular literature. The anthology can be purchased from Amazon via the following link:

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