Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book of The Month - February 2015 - "Zombie Girl"

Egypt is full of weird stuff. Sphinx's, mummies, Yummy Mummies...

Eve Brenner finds this out the hard way when something bites her during an archaeological dig. Soon after, strange things begin happening. Strange things of the undead kind.

As fans of stories written "from the monster's perspective", we've chosen Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl as our 2015 book of the month! Author Alessia Giacomi's premiere work over on Permuted Press is a fun, easy read that clocks in around 300 pages. It has a fast-paced narrative and is constantly juggling viewpoints between characters as you dig through the chapters. Great stuff from an up-and-coming writer. Check it out now so when she's famous you can tell people you heard about her here first.

This is the first in a Zombie Girl series to be released. In that way, it's just like Harry Potter or Twilight, except nothing like those other things. Oh, except that you can buy it for your Kindle just like you can Harry Potter and Twilight.

Check out the book and let us know your thoughts!

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