Monday, January 5, 2015

Horror Resolutions 2015 (Guest Post)

(Our favorite guest blogger Christina Bergling returns with her list of "Horror Resolutions" for 2015. Go pour a glass of that flat champagne still sitting in your fridge and click the jump to see what she's resolved to in the coming year!)
New Year’s just passed again, causing motivational ripples in each of us, spawning musings and goals for what we will definitely accomplish in this next calendar year. I am not exempt; I have my own mundane New Year’s resolutions—goals for my health (lose the baby weight from having my son in September) and for my career (sell my published book and write more books).

But let us not talk about the boring, every day goals we all make. Let us instead focus on the important and priority objectives: my horror resolutions for 2015!

My horror resolutions for the year are divided into three categories:

1.   Horror Movies

I resolve to watch more horror movies.

For my age, I came into the horror genre late. As I previously discussed, I had overprotective parents and cut my teeth on the Scream franchise, when horror was already to the point of making fun of itself. I missed the original Romero zombie movies in the late 60s and 70s, the emergence of the slasher flick in the 80s, the exhaustive exploitation of the prime horror franchises in the 90s. Sure, I was not alive for much of this timeline, but the point remains: I am missing some quality horror in my library. Not to mention the lapse I suffered in modern horror when I exchanged the Chiller network for Disney Junior with two kids.

Every week, I watch a horror movie that is new to me (in an exercise aptly titled: New to Me Horror). These movies are selected from an exhaustive list compiled from horror-loving friends, Facebook groups, and Twitter followers, or they are selected at random as I encounter them on TV or in RedBox. Each Friday, I review these horror movies, great and awful, on
So in 2015, my goal will be to watch and review 52 horror movies I have not yet seen. More specifically, I aim to knock the most well-known and highly recommended off my list.

2.   Horror Shows

I resolve to catch up (or stay caught up) with the best of horror television series.

Horror seems more plentiful on mainstream television each season (no complaints here). Suddenly, there is a plethora of series in which to indulge your dark side. The Walking Dead returns in February. American Horror Story: Freakshow will be wrapping up in the coming weeks. I made it to the fall finale of Sleepy Hollow.

On those fronts, I am caught up, so my goal is to stay that way as they start back up or recycle in later months.

Yet there are so many other shows on which I am tragically behind. I just captured a Penny Dreadful marathon on my DVR. I finished the first season of Hannibal and ordered the second in time for the third to air on TV. I missed the whole second season of The Following. I look forward to a third installment of Bates Motel. 

Blame gainful employment and a young family. Regardless, in this next year, I hope to catch up so I can continue to stay up-to-date on these shows. Plus, there may be plenty of new offerings in the future.

3.   Horror Books

I resolve to write more horror.

My first book, Savages, was released at the end of 2014. This post-apocalyptic horror story tells of two survivors searching the ruins of America for the last strain of humanity. Marcus believes they are still human; Parker knows her own darkness. Until one discovery changes everything. This is my debut into the horror genre, and I plan to work to make it go well.

Mid-2015, Savages will be followed by my second book, Ode to Master, which manages to wander even deeper into the more twisted corners of the horror genre. This dark tale finds Beatrix in a cage, learning to survive and serve her new master. Over the holiday "staycation", I also started my third horror book, which may ultimately include an online dating serial killer (but not how you would think).

In 2015, the goal is to write and publish as much horror as possible. I also resolve to read more horror.

I am going to play the Mom card again here and whine about my complete and utter lack of spare time. When my son was born, I loaded up my Kindle and told myself I would read a few terrifying pages each night while I nursed him in the wee hours. What happened in reality was that I held my Kindle as I passed out and drooled on myself until I put my son back down. But no more! Books are my favorite medium, for horror or any other brand of entertainment. Yes, they take the most time and devotion, but they provide the greatest payout on my mind. So in 2015, I plan to fill up my Kindle with quality horror and then actually read each book.

2015 is going to be my year of horror. Watching, reading, and writing—it is all going to happen. Not to mention absolutely owning Halloween with exquisite decorations and an imaginative and impressive concept not yet conceived.

What are your horror resolutions in the new year?

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