Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book of The Month - January 2015 - "Savages"

Look, we all know "post-Apocalypse" with zombies or zombie-like creatures is tread-worn to the point of bald by now. However, I'm going to encourage you to read this months book Savages by our very own guest blogger extraordinaire Christina Bergling for a few reasons.

1. It features well developed characters: Too often now it's trendy to "kill off" characters because The Walking Dead did it, but most people aren't Robert Kirkman and therefore you just end up with masses of deceased, forgettable, two-dimensional characters. Not here. The story is tight and focused on few characters that see some real development.

2. It isn't any longer than it needs to be: At 130 pages, it's a very quick read, and there's not a lot of filler. I'm all for "world building", but sometimes it just feels like unneeded fluff to pad a thin main plot. Savages gets right to the heart of the matter and keeps the pace quick.

3. It doesn't patronize you: Savages doesn't over-explain everything. It drops you right into the story and doesn't hand hold. It's nice to see an apocalyptic novel that allows you to use your imagination a bit.

You can check out Savages via e-book or the more traditional format here through its official site, or if you've already finished it, let us know what you thought in the comments below to get the Book Club discussion started!

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