Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Horror of Us (Guest Post)

(Guest author Christina Bergling discusses why she believes psychological horror is the type we fear the most. Click the jump for her entire post!)

I love psychological horror because I believe two things.

The worst hells are created in our minds. As someone with a bit of experience in being my own worst enemy, I can attest that there is nothing quite as unrelenting and pervasive as ourselves. There is no escape from our own minds, and no one knows what will torture us more than us. I think the scariest situations are when we lose reality and turn on ourselves. There is not stopping the momentum of a mind unraveling; there is no way to find a foothold against the descent of a mind. Perhaps the thing I fear most in life is losing my mind. I also believe that other humans are what we need to fear most. More than the world around us, we pose the most threat to our fellow humans. A flesh and blood killer is more realistic and unnerving that a supernatural manifestation or animal with which we may never come into contact.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Writing Horror Part 3: Just Write!

The words "self publishing" taste like unbrushed teeth when I say them.

"I'm self publishing my book." 

"Oh really? Is it a tome of self indulgent, pseudo-fan-fiction wankery that wasn't good enough for traditional publication due to too many spelling errors?"

I'm not sure what opinions you have of self published fiction, but mine were close to the above statement. They've always been that way. I remember being a kid and finding this really old children's book about rabbits and my mind being blown when my mom said her grandfather had written and illustrated it.  Then I recall my excitement dimming when she told me he'd published it himself. It just wasn't as cool or magical that way.

I love and even prefer the content that comes from the independent scenes in movies, video games, and music. It bothers me that I don't feel the same way about literature.

[Click the jump to see Jeff's advice and plan on increasing your creative output!]

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book of The Month - January 2015 - "Savages"

Look, we all know "post-Apocalypse" with zombies or zombie-like creatures is tread-worn to the point of bald by now. However, I'm going to encourage you to read this months book Savages by our very own guest blogger extraordinaire Christina Bergling for a few reasons.

1. It features well developed characters: Too often now it's trendy to "kill off" characters because The Walking Dead did it, but most people aren't Robert Kirkman and therefore you just end up with masses of deceased, forgettable, two-dimensional characters. Not here. The story is tight and focused on few characters that see some real development.

2. It isn't any longer than it needs to be: At 130 pages, it's a very quick read, and there's not a lot of filler. I'm all for "world building", but sometimes it just feels like unneeded fluff to pad a thin main plot. Savages gets right to the heart of the matter and keeps the pace quick.

3. It doesn't patronize you: Savages doesn't over-explain everything. It drops you right into the story and doesn't hand hold. It's nice to see an apocalyptic novel that allows you to use your imagination a bit.

You can check out Savages via e-book or the more traditional format here through its official site, or if you've already finished it, let us know what you thought in the comments below to get the Book Club discussion started!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

NECA's Predator 2 Action Figure is Retro Sexy

Remember that time Danny Glover fought the Predator? Then remember that time YOU fought the Predator as Danny Glover on your Sega Genesis? NECA remembers.

This Predator 2 "City Hunter" figure makes me love life. With a sweet 16-bit paint job, a bevy of articulation points and an accessory of Gary Busey's skull (or maybe that Haitian drug lord?) this will be a must-own when it hits shelves in May 2015. Just in time for the summer heat.

(Originally seen over on Dread Central)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Site Upgrade 2015

It's a new year, and about time to update the blog with a new look and a somewhat similar sound. This is just a friendly PSA that we all know what happens when technical changes are attempted. We'll try to come out the other side with as little death and dismemberment as possible.

Also, I may get rid of the Facebook page. Mostly because they suck now and I hate them and their "pay to play" fan page structure.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Horror Resolutions 2015 (Guest Post)

(Our favorite guest blogger Christina Bergling returns with her list of "Horror Resolutions" for 2015. Go pour a glass of that flat champagne still sitting in your fridge and click the jump to see what she's resolved to in the coming year!)
New Year’s just passed again, causing motivational ripples in each of us, spawning musings and goals for what we will definitely accomplish in this next calendar year. I am not exempt; I have my own mundane New Year’s resolutions—goals for my health (lose the baby weight from having my son in September) and for my career (sell my published book and write more books).

But let us not talk about the boring, every day goals we all make. Let us instead focus on the important and priority objectives: my horror resolutions for 2015!

SAYER Podcast episode

Hey folks, as a quick aside, I wrote an episode of the dark comedy science fiction podcast, SAYER. Episode 23, entitled "Delicious", was penned by yours truly.

If you're at all into universes featuring menacing and sometimes humorous AI's (think HAL, G.L.A.D.O.S., or AM) then you should definitely check the show out and get it into your podcast feed.

Official SAYER site on GeeklyINC

SAYER on iTunes

Oh, and if you're into it, they have a Patreon where you can support the show and get some really cool bonuses. Plus you can follow SAYER on Twitter.