Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Calabrese Releasing New Album and Premiere Video

When it comes to horror punk/rock, my (and I bet many people's) go to band is The Misfits. However, I'm not big fan of their current "we're a sort of cover band of ourselves" incarnation. Enter Calabrese.

Maybe you haven't heard of the brothers Calabrese? Bobby, Jimmy, and Davey have been rockin' for over a decade now and released consistently edgy, catchy-as-hell horror rock records. Now this coming January they are dropping Lust For Sacrilege, and from the looks of the first video "Flesh and Blood" it could be an interesting evolution for the band.


I'm using the "evolution" because my guess is a lot of critics will say "a more mature sound" and I hate "mature" because it implies that there was something sub-par about their previous music. This is not the case. Monster masks, ghoulish fonts and black leather jackets are awesome.

Here's a quote from Bobby Calabrese describing a bit about where they are coming from on the new material.

We were listening to a lot of moodier, darker bands when we wrote “Flesh and Blood.” Lots of Sisters of Mercy, early Cure, the droning and atmospheric stuff that builds on being simple and effective. We wanted to go for a kind of somber vibe, a bleak mix of heavy rock and post-punk. Type-O-Negative is a big influence on that straightforward riff. We filmed it during the recording of ‘Lust For Sacrilege,’ something we’ve never done before. We liked the idea of going for something with a Doors-meets-Danzig feel, something to capture loneliness, desolation, misery. We think it caught the attitude of the song perfectly. Turn out the lights and enjoy.”

I'm excited to hear the rest of the album since I think this is a niche that's recently been a bit lacking and this new record could fill that void.
If you're interested in learning more you can visit Calabrese's Facebook page here, or pre-order the album here.

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