Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All Them Witches - 'Lightning At The Door' (Music Review)

It's rare that I am immediately enamored with a band, or that a band who plays a mix of heavy blues rock meshed with occult psychedelic grooves flies under my radar. Nashville's All Them Witches is a rare band then, in my book.

I was just acquainted with their crazy brand of jams thanks to the recently (re)-released album Lightning At The Door. It's an 8 track, 45 minute wallop that mixes heavy riffs, stoned out fuzz, southern drawl, and some Fender Rhodes keys for good measure. From the opener "Funeral for a Great Drunken Bird", each track twists and turns delivering a solid mash-up of new school heaviness infused with classic delta blues. If John Mayall and the guys from Clutch formed a super group with early era Sabbath, you might get something akin to Lightning At The Door.

All Them Witches appears to be onto something special in this sophomore effort, and this release delves even further into strange psychedelia than their last effort Our Mother Electricity which felt like a more straight forward effort. There's a sense of "playing by feel" on this record, and the end result is better for it. It's a very organic sound, and this lends itself to the spaced out song writing. In the course of Lightning At The Door, Coyote Woman gets married AND dies. This is heavy stuff.

If you're at ALL into heavy blues or stoner rock (do people even call it that anymore?) then you need to give Lightning At The Door a spin. I'm willing to recommend it solely on the cover art of that satanic necromancer goat-wizard drawn in Sidewalk Chalk, but the 8 tracks held within are too good to pass up.

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