Wednesday, October 29, 2014

John Carpenter Talks Video Games

John Carpenter holds an esteemed spot in Terrorphoria's "Pantheon of Horror Heroes", and the fact that he is willing to be interviewed about video games only makes him even more rad.

You can and should read this quick interview by Patrick Klepek over on Giant Bomb.

Then go watch They Live, mostly because posting that photo above made me want to re-watch They Live.


  1. The only issue I had with this movie was that it's not a horror movie. It's an action survival movie that takes place at night. That's it. The movie Predator is essentially the same type of story but with an actual monster. This is just people hunting people. I feel like it was marketed hard core as a horror movie which caused a lot of disappointment when I watched it.

  2. That's an interesting take on the film. I have always heard it classified in the sub-genre of "home invasion" movies, along with The Strangers, Funny Games, and the like.

    I'd still love the movie even if it was an action flick, and also I'm glad you referenced Predator, just because...

  3. I played it, I loved it...I still listen to the music remixes from OCR sometimes and am sure I play this game again thanks to emulation sometimes.

    This is one of those games which should have a remake already.

  4. It blows my mind that it HASN'T been (officially) remade. My guess is some sort of licensing or IP issues with LucasArts?

  5. Something like that I bet as well..