Monday, October 6, 2014

Elaborate Halloween Hangers Make Us Feel Nice

It's almost Halloween, and when it comes to decorating your home you don't want to just keep up with the Joneses, you want to outdo them so badly that they weep bloody tears of anguish (PROVERBIAL bloody tears I mean). So how does one best their neighborhood soccer moms and show that Halloween means more to them than a simple trip down to the Walgreens? With artist Trevor Henderson's INSANE Halloween wall hangers.

I originally caught this over on Dread Central and was all "WHAAAAAT?!" because I couldn't believe how badass these were.

Do yourself a favor and hit up Trevor's ETSY shop to snag one of these. I'm especially fond of Cropsey and the Sludge Zombie. For less than $30, which is comparable to the overpriced junk in a "Spirit Halloween Store", you can support an independent artist and strut around this October 31st with an air of superiority since you have The Fly dangling from your front door.

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