Thursday, September 4, 2014

The End of Review Scores

Annnnnnnd...WE'RE BACK. Thanks for sticking with us while we took a few weeks off to enjoy cookouts, trips to the beach, and regular conversations with that creepy ice cream truck driver who might just be a serial killer.

Since we're always looking to shake things up around here, our latest scheme is dropping review scores. For better or worse, Jeff and I have decided to "use our words" as the primary means of letting you know what we think about horror stuff. It also lets us bandy about that whole pretentious "OH, we don't use SCORES." argument when we mention the site to people at all those upper-crust socialite parties we attend.

Besides, scoring reviews on the internet is so 2002, and you guys NEVER just scroll to the bottom to see the grade without enjoying all the satisfying acerbic wit we deliver. Right? RIGHT?

Thanks for your continued support!

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