Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mizfit Tha Menace (Interview)

We had the opportunity to interview NYC gothic horror hip-hop artist Mizfit Tha Menace "Horror Himself" and ask him some pressing questions about everything from his favorite horror film franchises to the state of the East Coast Horrorcore scene. Click the jump to read the full discussion!

TP: What is it about horror and horror movies that makes them the primary subject of your music?

MtM: To put it simply, Horror is closer to real life than most are comfortable with acknowledging. In that respect I enjoy how REAL the genre is.

TP: Is there any particular genre you identify your music with, or artists you've been compared to?

MtM: Darkness is my life and I consider my music Gothic Horrorcore. I haven't really been compared to any other artists.

TP: What is your favorite horror movie? (Or horror movie franchise?)

MtM: I'm a fan of the Hellraiser franchise as well as the SAW franchise, but I could never truly have a favorite movie, all horror movies have scenes I enjoy.

TP: It's been almost two decades since Gravediggaz came up in NYC. What is the Horrorcore scene like on the East Coast in 2014?

MtM: There is no Horrorcore scene here that I know of, which is fine with me.

TP: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

MtM: My two biggest Inspirations musically were Eminem & Marilyn Manson.

TP: How important has the internet been in getting your music out there to connect with horror and hip-hop fans?

MtM: The internet has been a major factor in connecting with potential listeners, it gives them the privacy to enjoy my art without ridicule from outside sources.

You should check out more from Mizfit Tha Menace over on his official site and on his Youtube channel.

Before you go, please enjoy our new favorite track, "Moves Like Jigsaw".

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  1. I got a kick out of this movie. I'm so sick people turning into monsters and the process being a hormonal magic wonderland.