Thursday, July 24, 2014

'Under The Flesh' (Comic Review)

We normally don't review Kickstarter projects on Terrorphoria, but this one was too good to pass up. Under The Flesh is a grindhouse zombie action comic created by Gilbert Deltres and J.L. Giles. It's also worth your time to back so they can get it to print.

Under The Flesh explodes off the pages as LT Rueben Lobos and his group of ladies fight zombies, bikers, and all manner of insanity after "Desolation Day" when a pathogen that only infects males turns half the population into flesh eating monsters. This is what would happen if there was a novelization of Robert Rodriguez directing a post apocalyptic sequel to Charlie's Angels. It's violent, raunchy and offensive in all the right ways.

This one is for fans of over-the-top, "grindhouse" style action, with ridiculous dialogue and as many shootouts as conversations.

You can check out the Under The Flesh Kickstarter project here, and back them if you want to see this rag become a reality.

Grade: A
Reviewed via digital review copy

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