Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Dark Souls Movie Would Work

It's no secret that over at Terrorphoria we are fans of Dark Souls. If there is one fantasy RPG game that evokes elements of horror and survival horror, the Souls franchise is it. That sense of utter despair and isolation is unmatched by any other modern video game. As I was grinding away on a play through of Dark Souls yesterday I thought to myself, "this could make a cool movie".

I would be really excited if it got the full Hollywood big budget treatment similar to a Resident Evil, but I think there is plenty of room for a lower budget release or even a high quality fan-made film. Maybe something akin to that cool Fallout: Nuka Break series, only darker.


Each of the franchise's games takes place in a different world (and arguably time) and that's a huge plus for anyone who would attempt a translation to film. Sure you could base a flick in Lordran or Drangleic, but you wouldn't have to. It could be an entirely new world with its own characters and stories that cleverly tie together as we've seen the lore in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II do. These games feature incredible environments from lush forests to huge castles and dungeons. I'm sure a call to Peter Jackson's site scout could turn up some pretty cool locations in New Zealand. Plus, the armor and costume design is rooted in historical reality, although there are obviously some crazy creative liberties taken here and there.


The Souls games have such a vast amount of complex lore that a film adaptation should have plenty of interesting stories to draw from. A character like Orstein for instance. He's got a great back story, and a well choreographed battle scene featuring him would be totally bad ass. Outside of the insane creature design and epic battles, I think there are so many interesting and cryptic character interactions with the few non-hostile NPC's, that there's an opportunity for some cool Ingmar Bergman style moments (watch The Seventh Seal if you don't know who that is) and you could even incorporate the Covenants into the mix since they all have their own history as well.


Death is always a popular concept in horror and fantasy films. I think the mechanisms of "undeath" and how warriors in Dark Souls seemingly travel between parallel universes and times could be an amazing platform for the right script. It opens up a lot of possibilities (or maybe plot holes) but with the right director at the helm.

A Dark Souls movie could totally work. The key is that it needs to be handled with respect, and marketed as a horror or dark fantasy film similar to Black Death or Legend and not a "video game movie" as we've seen so many other franchises (cough, Silent Hill, cough) succumb to.

Are you a Souls fan who would like to see it made into a film? What storylines would you want to see included? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!


  1. I completely agree, to me dark souls is terrifying, and should be dark and gruesome. The creatures are legitimately scary, and every step of that game is a challenge.
    And the fact that the main character is your creation, leaves it open for any actor/actress to jump in.
    I agree 100% with everything you say in this actually.
    Whether it be peter jackson or Guillermo del Toro, it would make a GREAT adventure/ horror film

  2. That is something I didn't think of Eric. Guillermo del Toro would be a great choice to direct a Dark Souls movie. First person that sprung into my head was Darren Aronofsky for some reason.