Friday, March 28, 2014

Resident Evil 6 Archives Unboxing

After the positive reception from everyone to my Resident Evil Retrospective, I had the itch to re-visit some of the classics in their more current (see: high definition) iterations. I started looking around for the best way to do this and received some hot tips from a few of you. The first was to hunt down a copy of Resident Evil 6:Anthology for the PS3. However, it turns out that due to rarity there is some INSANE price gouging for it in the aftermarkets. $135?! No thanks. I'm not willing to concede to that kind of free-market savagery just for an RE2 download code, so I went with the easier, less expensive option of Resident Evil 6:Archives for the Xbox 360. It has less content than Anthology but still has plenty of stuff inside the box. Lets open it up and take a look!

Firstly, this is no longer retailing for $90 like the header image states. You can buy it off of Amazon for roughly $30 now which is a fairer deal. Especially considering much of the contents is download codes. The main act is Resident Evil 6, and that is included across 2 discs with additional language packs. The third DVD is the full length CG animated movie Resident Evil:Degeneration which I actually have yet to watch. RE4:HD, RE5:Gold, and Code Veronica X:HD all come on paper as downloads. Whether this is unfortunate is a matter of opinion I suppose. Collectors tend to like physical media, but then again, hardcore RE fans would probably want copies of these games for their original platforms.

Since its presentation (a basic plastic Xbox 360 case) and content aren't a standout as a collector's item, I'd really recommend this to people who are interested in playing (or re-playing) the games. Resident Evil 4 and RE:CV are modern classics so explanation is needed for those. RE5 and RE6 have been maligned, but I'll argue that they are actually pretty fun in their own mindless way if you have someone to play co-op with. Heck, for thirty bones you could buy a second copy force it on someone as a gift.

I'm gonna give this an overall thumbs up. At half the cost of a new retail release, you're getting a LOT of content. Four complete games including DLC, along with a movie will give you hours of Umbrella fighting fun. Also, as far as I can tell, there aren't any of those sneaky expiration dates on the download codes, because I hate it when they do that. God of War: Legacy Collection, I'm looking in your direction!

Now i just need to figure out which game I'm going to tackle first...


  1. Honestly, at this point I just suggest people emulate or buy the PC versions of the games.

    First off, you can just emulate the gamecube games (Resident Evil 1 remake and Zero, I'd suggest getting the Wii versions, as they upscale better and you can force Dolphin to run the games at true 1080, and yes, they look stunning).

    Resident Evil 2 and 3 (as was 1, but let's not go there) were available on PC, and while both those versions are considered the 'definitive' versions, I'd still just emulate them using PCSX. You can fool around with the settings a bit, and add a nice grainy texture to them so it doesn't look godawful on higher resolutions.

    Code Veronica is the only core Resident Evil game not to come to PC, so I'd argue the PS3 or 360 HD update would probably be your best bet, unless you want to emulate Code Veronica X for PS2. All this emulating might sound hard to the uninitiated, but a simple google check will reveal it's all very simple, and you don't even need some crazy $2000 rig to run these games (unless you emulate Code Veronica, PS2 emus can be rough on a pc).

    Now that we're out of the classic era RE4, 5, 6 and Revelations (or Revilations, if you got the US version *chuckle*) run just fine on PC with the added bonus of infinitely better graphics and higher resolutions. The recently released RE4 HD on Steam had some problems a while back, but I played a few nights ago and it seems like the slowdown and ghosting has all been fixed. And, just like what I said earlier, none of these games require insane high end systems. I get max settings + near 60fps on my 8 year old GTX 275.

    I just gotta say, if you're a Resident Evil enthusiast the REmake, pushed to 1080 and played on a nice 50inch plasma screen is a thing of beauty. Horrible, rotting beauty.

    Also, ask yourself a question before you buy any of these games. Does Capcom really deserve your money? Were you really happy with the way they've taken the series? NO? GOOD. PIRATE THE FUCK OUT OF THEM.

  2. Hah! Well, first I'll give the boilerplate reply of " does not endorse pirating games or downloading ROM's unless you own the original game." OK, with that out of the way, I would REALLY like to see the REmake up-res'd to 1080 on a 50" television.

    Capcom has created a lot of ill will amongst many of the long time fans though with 5 and 6, although I will say RE5 wasn't NEARLY as bad when played with a friend as a strictly co-op shooter. It's just didn't feel much like a survival horror game is all.