Monday, March 3, 2014

'Zombie Dice' (Game Review)

I have much love for Steve Jackson Games. From the Munchkin and GURPS to Give Me The Brain and OGRE they've created tons of classic tabletop and card games. I'm finally getting around to reviewing one of my favorite SJ Games and easily one of their most popular. The horror themed ZOMBIE DICE.

Zombie Dice is a fantastic game for a couple of reasons. First, its incredibly simple to learn. Second, it's competitive "press your luck" style of play is highly addictive. Finally, there aren't a lot of moving parts. Just dice!

The concept is simple. You and some friends (or enemies) play as a horde of zombies on a quest to eat some delicious human brains. Everyone takes turns rolling dice out of the cup, undead Yahtzee style! The dice contain brains (good), footprints (neutral), or shotgun blasts (BAD). After each roll you separate out the dice that come up brains and the ones that come up with shotgun blasts, and you can either take your points for that turn or press on and keep rolling the remaining dice in the cup. The catch is that if you end up with three blasts, your turn is over and you get no points. Each brain is worth one point, and the first player to 13 wins so it encourages everybody to risk the odds as much as possible.

The dice are also color coded to add a bit more challenge. Green have the most brains, red have the most shotgun blasts, and yellow are in between. This helps to shake things up based on what ends up coming out of the cup during your turn. It makes the game play with a nice balance of luck and percentages.

Another thing I love about Zombie Dice is that a given game lasts anywhere between five and twenty minutes, and can be played anywhere there is a flat surface. I've taken it on many trips and some conventions because it's a great way to pass time. Plus it's such a simple and fun concept that you can teach almost anyone to play very quickly. Even friends and family who don't particularly like playing games have had fun playing a few rounds of it.

I can't speak highly enough about Zombie Dice. If you're looking for a fun and affordable zombie-themed game that you can pick up and play anytime and anywhere, you should definitely grab a copy at your local hobby retailer or online.

Oh, and there's an expansion pack too!

Grade: A+ 

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  1. It's a fantastic "gateway drug" for tabletop gaming in general.