Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Disqus Comments, Facebook, and Technical Challenges

Hey everyone,

This is just a quick housekeeping PSA to alert people to some changes I've made to the site.

DISQUS Comments

I've changed Terrorphoria's comment system over to Disqus. When I started the site back in October I just sort of went along with the whole Google hive-mind synergy thing connecting Blogger and all that. Since then, I've gotten a bunch of feedback from people saying they'd like to comment, but they don't want to create a Google+ account to do that. It's 2014 and you deserve options! So, I migrated the comment system to DISQUS which should give everyone flexibility to sign in however they want to talk about their favorite scenes in C.H.U.D.

Now the bad news...

In their infinite wisdom, Google won't allow their Plus comments to export. That means when DISQUS went live earlier today, it wiped out all the existing comments. They're still over on Terrorphoria+ so you can read the archives there.  We'll get through this together.


Terrorphoria is now on Facebook. So if you have a Facebook account you should go ahead and Like it. Like it real good.

Thanks to everyone for all their support so far. The site is going really well and I have a lot of exciting stuff coming in 2014 that I look forward to sharing with you all!

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