Monday, January 13, 2014

'You're Next' (Movie Review)

After so many recommendations from friends, readers here on Terrorphoria, and random strangers on the streets, I finally sat down to watch the much lauded home invasion romp You're Next. I have to say I wish I had watched it sooner so I could slot it on a "Best of" list.

If you enjoy slasher movies this one is a no-brainer. Director Adam Wingard manages to create a fast paced, terrifying ride while playing with a lot of the "home invasion" movie tropes and turning some on their heads. Right from the start, the movie just has an overall sense of unease. It's one of those intangible feelings that comes from quality direction. Even when nothing bad is happening, you feel like something "just isn't right".

As soon as the Davison family comes under attack, the quality of writer Simon Barrett's script really shines. The action is scary, chaotic, and darkly funny. At no point do you feel bad for almost anyone, because they are all fairly horrible people. The only person who  evokes any sort of sympathy is Erin (Sharni Vinson) which is ironic considering she is the most capable of taking care of herself. As the movie progresses we learn more about Erin's background and some of the prior events make much more sense. The action slowly builds to a psychotic crescendo that is one of the best, most plausible finales I've seen to a slasher flick in years. Even through all this, the dark humor is always present, and the audience is let in on the joke.

I'm keeping this review intentionally short because revealing much more will get into spoiler territory. The movie's concept is very straight forward so I don't want to give too much away. Just know that You're Next is a tightly written, smart, and fun fright flick that anyone who enjoys this sub-genre (or horror in general) is likely to love.

Grade: A 

Reviewed on VOD via Amazon. Running time 95 MIN

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