Tuesday, December 3, 2013

'The Beast' (Movie Review)

Creating short films is difficult.

They are a challenging medium to work in, because the limited time you have to tell a story means having to be very concise and get the message across as quickly as possible. I've been on a short film and horror anthology jag the past few weeks, and found Youtube is a gold mine for horror shorts. The Beast is a stand out that I watched over the holiday weekend.

This homage to classic monster movies stars Bill Oberst Jr. as Michel, as man struggling to deal with his son being a werewolf. The Beast focuses on Michel figuring out what to do with his son Jacob on the night of a full moon. His friend Douglas comes along to assist and make sure Michel brings an end to his son's curse. 

Writer and director Peter Dukes does a smart job a packing plenty of drama and tension into the quick 12 minute running time. It's tough to review short films without giving anything away, but I was engaged for the entire story and really enjoyed the ending. The short is well shot and even has some decent creature effects given the low budget. Dukes uses some savvy old school style by not showing the creature until late in the story. The entire cast delivers great performances, and while there's a little bit of over-acting it fits the classic monster movie vibe.

If you're a fan of classic monster movies, definitely check out The Beast. It's a polished short film and at the price of free and less than 15 minutes of your time, you can't go wrong. You can watch it here on the Dream Seekers Productions Youtube channel and subscribe to stay in the loop when they release something new.

Grade: B+

Reviewed on Youtube. Running time 12 MIN.

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