Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Banned and Controversial Horror Movie Posters

The fine folks over at Dread Central put together this great list of the Top 13 Banned and Controversial Horror Movie Posters that you really should take a look at.

Each poster includes a nice back story, and while many of them are the typical "too gory for the public's sensitive eyes!!!" scenario, a few (including the Jason Takes Manhattan one above) have some really quirky and interesting tales.

Enjoy this list to usher in October!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NOCT Gets Greenlit; Looks Sick

I love a good indie horror game. So when I saw this top-down horror shooter Noct had been approved on Steam Greenlight, I decided you should know about it too.

From what I can tell on the Steam page, Noct appears to be a multiplayer horror shooter with some RPG-like elements where you blast giant demons viewed through a distorted electric lens. Think of it as a supernatural Smash TV, combined with one of those "You're in the Stealth Bomber" levels from Call of Duty. Either way, it looks rad and I'm excited to see more.

Head over to the Steam Community to peep some screenshots and videos.

Horror Titles We're Psyched For: 2014 Edition

I love October.

I get to watch World Series baseball, and mainstream media always begins to give a crap about horror for 31 days leading up to fun-sized Snickers orgy we call Halloween.

This year the artform known as video games are dropping what appears to be some new hotness on us in the form of Alien:Isolation and The Evil Within.

Let's be clear. Alien has had some terrible gaming translations. The only really excellent titles I can think of are Aliens: Infestation on 3DS, and Alien 3 for the Sega Genesis (although I was too young back then for good taste) so a replay might not hold up well. Isolation looks like it could be a survival horror gem however, and I'm holding out hope it'll give me the Xenomorph terror fix I've been craving.

The Evil Within sees survival horror godfather Shinji Mikami (he made Resident Evil) jumping back into the fray with an apparently hardcore, limited resources style of game. This one I'm cautiously optimistic about, because initial impressions were mixed and said it was treading more into the "psychological horror" realm. I'm fine with that since I was one of the twenty jerks who actually enjoyed Alan Wake. It seems to have some interesting concepts so hopefully they will pan out.

Look for reviews of both games this October, and hopefully I can look back on this post wistfully singing the praises of both titles. Meanwhile, enjoy these trailers that aren't for kids.

The Evil Within

Alien: Isolation

Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Friday The 13th Part III' Has The Best Theme Song Ever

Great theme music, or GREATEST theme music? You be the judge!

After mentioning that rad 8-Bit Jason Mask the other day, SyFy Channel must have been reading my mind because they played Friday The 13th Part 2 and Part 3 back to back last night.

The third installment starts by totally spoiling the shocker ending of Part 2 and then proceeds to assault your ears and mind with one of the most absurd horror film introductions of all time.

I forgot that as the camera fades off Mama Voorhees dessicated head, the intense disco sounds of Harry Manfredini and his group "HOT ICE" inappropriately bombard your senses while the opening credits literally SHOOT OFF THE SCREEN IN 3-D!

Watching the below video will make your life better. I promise.

PS: This is the first Friday The 13th that Jason wore a hockey mask in.

PPS: If Harry Manfredini is still alive, he needs to write a new album.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Try this 8-Bit Jason Voorhees Mask on For Size

This amazing little gem popped up over on Jack's Attic and I had to tell you about it.

Jason's devolved, retro 8-Bit form has experienced a bit of a comeback lately, after NECA released that resin figure at ComicCon in 2013 to celebrate one of the worst NES games ever created. You know, the one it takes every fiber of my being to not to buy off EBay as a totally insane impulse purchase.

Now he's back again, in MASK FORM. You can print out this cool and inexpensive facade, which is guaranteed to score you more "hipster horror-gaming-nerd" points at your Halloween party than that guy in the played out Brainscan costume.

Now I just need to bring a camera to Kinko's, to document the look on their faces when I demand this to be printed and laminated!